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Important waterproof flooring FAQs

Questions are a normal part of researching any floor covering, and a variety of frequently asked questions often accompanies waterproof flooring. It would be best if you got the answers to all of your questions, which is why we've compiled a few for you right here. Read along to see if your question is here, and if not, be sure to contact us for more details.

The FAQs about waterproof flooring

Why is waterproof vinyl flooring so highly recommended?
Waterproof vinyl planks and tiles are an excellent choice for protection against water damage because of their unique core materials. You’ll hear about 100% vinyl, wood plastic composite (WPC), and stone plastic composite (SPC) core, and we can fill you in on all the details about each one. But these floors are also popular because they are just as gorgeous as they are protective, offering an excellent lifespan.

Is waterproof laminate flooring waterproof?
Waterproof laminate is indeed waterproof, but in a different way than you might think. While some materials protect the top and the bottom equally, laminate protects primarily from the top down. If you have moisture issues in your subfloor, it is still wise to use a vapor barrier underneath your laminate flooring,

Are waterproof materials hard to install?
The installation process for both waterproof laminate and vinyl is straightforward. Some materials feature a locking system that allows a quick installation of your chosen product. Others can still be installed with ease, especially with trained professional installers on the job. When you select your specific waterproof options, we will give you detailed information about the entire installation process and what you can expect before, during, and after.

Is it hard to maintain these floor coverings?
Maintaining your waterproof floors is an easy task and can usually be accomplished with just a vacuum or broom and a damp microfiber mop. Deeper, larger messes or situations might require you to look to your manufacturer's recommendations, or you can give us a call for quick answers. We look forward to helping you with all your waterproof questions and needs.

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