What size luxury vinyl flooring is best?

What size luxury vinyl flooring is best?

You'll have plenty of features and benefits for luxury vinyl tile and plank. One of those features is flooring size.
You might not think it matters, but it's best to find out more before buying. Then, you can choose the perfect materials for every room in your home.

What sizes are available in luxury vinyl?
You'll find different sizes are available based on your need. For example, in vinyl tile, you'll find squares as large as 36 inches.
Vinyl planks offer standard lengths of 36 inches and 48 inches. Widths range from four to 12 inches, giving you various options for your luxury vinyl plank.

Which plank sizes are best for which rooms?
If you have ample space that needs flooring, wide planks are a fantastic choice. However, smaller widths create many lines and make the room too busy for the eye.
But if you use those same wide planks in small spaces, you'll find the room becomes dwarfed. Narrow boards in the same space help open the room for the appearance of added space.

Tile sizes can mean as much as planks
Many of the same facts are true of LVT, with larger formats working best in large rooms. But a small tile size can work well in large rooms when used in a mosaic or unique pattern.
Large-format tiles bring a beautiful appearance too when installed in specific ways. Offset installation layouts can do a lot for the appearance of any room, regardless of size.

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