As we age, our mobility and agility may decrease, and the time and money we wish to spend on household chores decreases as well. As a result, those area rugs and plush carpeting may not be the most senior friendly flooring choices.

If you are a senior looking to update your home for safety and mobility, or if you are a loved one wishing to help Mom and Dad stay in their home as long as possible, you may want to consider changing out some of their home’s flooring to make it as safe and maintenance friendly as possible.

Area rugs are a real trip hazard, and should be removed. Plush carpeting can be tough to navigate in a wheelchair, with a walker or even just walking across if you don’t have the spring in your step that you used to.

Senior friendly flooring is generally smooth and non-slippery. Ceramic tile is to be avoided, as it can be very slippery when wet. A good option for bathrooms and kitchens would be vinyl flooring, with a padded underlayment. The vinyl is waterproof, and the padding gives added protection in the event of accidental trips and falls.

For bedrooms and other living areas, a thinner, flat carpeting, hardwood floors or laminate flooring are all good options, as they are smooth and easy to get around on. Or the whole house could be done in vinyl, as there are many vinyl options that look like hardwood flooring or ceramic tile flooring at a lower cost.

Our sales staff would be happy to go over some of the options with you to ensure you get flooring that is senior friendly and budget friendly at the same time.

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